It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Suddenly I found myself hooked up to an I.V.

Well it must have been quite the weekend cause it ended up with me hooked up to an I.V.!!

Saturday Keri decided we should try out the new Front Runner Train they just got up and running for this area. You can hope on the train and it takes you right to salt lake. Our game plan was to hop on the front runner to the Gateway. See a movie, spend some of Keri's money, and then hop on the train home.

Well it turns out the front runner should be renamed the slow creeper or the front walker. It went SOOOOO slow. I mean I think I could walk faster than it went. It literally creeped along. That TLC song "Creep" came to mind. Anyway.. so there we are on the train with a crying baby to my right and three siblings in front of us all crammed into a two person seat. I looked around and thought maybe I won't be doing this again. Anyway we got to Salt Lake and after a quite 2 block walk through gangsta town, we arrived at the Gateway. Let the shopping begin!!! We shopped at a few of MY favorite stores before going to see the movie "Made of Honor". The movie was SOOO good. I highly recommend it!! After the movie we did more shopping and it was off to the slow creeper to go home.

Well I had been feeling sick all (nauseaus and light headed) so on our way home I made Keri stop and get a pregnancy test. I was CERTAIN the sick-to-my-stomach feeling = baby on board. Well turns out I was wrong. It immediately went to negative. Well Sunday I woke up feeling even worse. When I opened my eyes to do something I felt very faint, when I closed my eyes my head was spinning. I was very nauseaus. It was pretty bad. I was in bed all day and around 1pm Keri was like.. do you need to go to the doctor? I said no and he said.. do you need to go to the doctor and you just don't want to? How cute!! I have a cute husband! Needless to say minutes later (yes I had a quick shower) we were sitting in the IHC insta care waiting area. We saw the doctor and man I was feeling awful. I was very nauseaus. I was EXTREMELY light headed/dizzy/feel like I'm going to faint. I had a migrane all that just made me feel like I was dying. Well the doctor told me my extreme light headedness sounded like dehydration. I tried to aruge with him that it wasn't.. but perhaps it was. I had been sick all Saturday. The details aren't important but I did lose a lot of fluids. Well with everything I told him I wound up with an I.V. for my dehydration and morphine with some stuff to take my nausea away.

When the nurse was first setting me up, I informed her I get heart burn EASY with drugs like morphine. Especially if I haven't eaten a lot that day. Which I hadn't since I'd been in bed all day. Well she kinda brushed that aside and SURE ENOUGH about twenty five minutes into it... HEART BURN CITY. I don't know if any of you have had heart burn, but whenever I get it, its so bad I end up passing out. Not even kidding. I wind up walking up on the floor. Well the heart burn was INTENSE, worse than everything else. So what does the nurse do? GIVE ME MORE MORPHINE. I'm like... wait.. that's what caused the heart burn, sure enough.... more heart burn. Truly it felt like I was dying!!!!!!!!!

Well anway about two hours later the IV was gone and I was feeling better (minus the heart burn which kept hitting me.) We left, got me some food and eventually the heart burn went away.

What a crazy weekend.

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Alicia said...

WOW!! What a crazy story! Glad you are ok, but I was really hoping you were prego!!

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