It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

It is hard having such a gorgeous family :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Baby Turns 23....

So my husband was FINALLY turning 23 so I thought no better way to celebrate than to do a surprise birthday party. After I hatched the idea, I had to come up with the guest list. Naturally I knew exactly who needed to be there on this fine occassion. All my best friends!! I invited Jerrilynn and Justin (and their adorable kids), Aubrey and Mike (and their ad-orable kids), Stephie, and Shaun's friend Justin. For once everyone could come so I was super excited. I went to work planning everything and by the day of the party I had everything in place.

I had a bridal shower for my cousin Mandy in the morning, then Stephie came over to help me decorate my parents backyard. (Thank heavens they let us come over and use their awesome backyard!!) Well I had ordered the worlds BEST cake on Thursday and told them I needed it ready by Saturday at four. So imagine my dismay when they called me at 1:30 to tell me it wouldn't be ready by 2pm. Well I wasn't overly concerned because they party wasn't until 4pm but I was a little annoyed. This cake was quite the expensive cake, so I was expecting things to go smoothly. Anyway, we finish decorating, and Jerrilynn calls about 3:30pm to say they are coming over a little early. So they arrive and still I have no cake. I call them and they say its still not ready! Well now I'm started to get upset.
So I call Keri and make up some phony excuse that my parents wanted him to come over for dinner (mind you he has no idea about anything) and then he tells me he isn't feeling well and he wants to STAY HOME. I'm like ... WHAT?! So I'm like, they really want you to come over and he's all I just want to stay in bed. So I have no cake, and now I have no husband for his own surprise birthday party. I'm thinking, things couldn't get worse. So I finally ended up being like you're coming and thats that. LUCKILY he was like ok. But he was NOT happy at all.
So I rush to get the cake and I get there and am STILL WAITING. Waiting... waiting... waiting... it's past 4pm and I'm still waiting. Seriously this is beyond a joke at this point. Who orders a cake on Thursday and has a cake over 2 hours late on the day they need it? Well it turned out by the time I got home, Keri had already arrived. So much for that surprise. I was pretty upset by this point. It seemed like nothing was going right and to make matters worse everyone seemed to be adding to my frustration and making me crankier by the moment. Luckily things got better. Aubs and Mike arrived and everyone was there. We threw the football for a while and then ate. Dad was nice enough to bbq hamburgers for everyone!! We had a great time eating and chatting. After the grub came a serious game of croquet!!! We played with a partner and Keri and I were the first ones to finish the course and turn poison. In the end it came down to Jerrilynn/Justin and Keri and I and Jer and Justin beat us. Those rats!!
We ended the night with a little more football. I HAVE to give a shoutout out to Mike Fowler. That guy is awesome. I've never seen a football fly through the air so fast. He even bruised my arm. He is truly an amazing athlete. I was super impressed with him. Justin equally impressed me as he was calmly able to catch those bullet passes.
Well by 8pm everyone was going home and I was tired from my LOOOOOONG day. It was all worth it though. I love having a successful party and AMAZING friends.

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